W.O.W.! Crush Your Goals in 3 Steps

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

It's a new year. What are your plans? And, more importantly, what are your plans for sticking to your plans?

Only 9 percent of people who set resolutions actually feel they successfully achieve them. With odds like that, why even bother to set goals for this (or any) year?

Perhaps we set ourselves up for failure because we have so much riding on these resolutions. Each year is a clean slate, and all those things that we wanted to achieve haven't gotten anywhere, and this year is going to be different, dang it! And so a lifetime's worth of dreams and goals is suddenly on the line.

Here's an example many can relate to. You want to lose 10 pounds. (OK...maybe 30...) You've wanted to lose 10 pounds every year for as far back as you can remember. And each year, you not only DON'T lose those 10 pounds, but you gain a few more. So the next year, the goal seems even more daunting. And that causes the stakes to move higher. So when you cave and eat a box of donuts, you just want to give up, thinking this isn't something you can do and wondering why you even tried in the first place.

But why do we put this kind of pressure on ourselves? Why do we set ourselves up to fail with these giant year-long goals that seem impossible to achieve? Why don't we, instead, approach these goals and resolutions in a more practical, achievable way?

Probably because we don't really know how. Here's an approach that might help you set and actually CRUSH your goals. I call it the W.O.W. method:

The W.O.W. Goal Setting Method:

W: Ask yourself WHY you want it

O: Take it ONE step at a time

W: Explore WHAT you learned

Let's break it down.

1. WHY do you want it?

The first step in successfully achieving goals is to create a meaningful connection to the goal. Superstar business and life coach