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Snag a handmade piece from this everyday collection of casual pieces that will make you stand out and get noticed! All designs are infused with symbolism that supports your expansion into limitlessness.

These are all my own designs. Some offer customizable options. For pieces in inventory, sizes are indicated where applicable.


Direct ordering functionality coming soon. Contact me to order a piece that speaks to you!

Duality Ring

Symbolizing the union of your humanity and your divinity, this is a simple but powerful ring that fits just about any finger. A continuous loop in the "infinity" shape reminds you of your limitlessness. Half the band is hammered to represent your humanness, the other smooth to represent your divinity. Bonded together to make magical YOU.


This stunning angel's wing pendant is a constant reminder that you are always being watched over by your own guardian angel. Molded in fine (.999) solid silver with a customizable fine silver charm - many flower and succulent options available! Hangs on a sterling silver chain. Can be oxidized or high polished to further customize the look.

I Can Do Hard Things ring

An homage to my Colorado home, and a reminder of your power. This stunning ring features a handcut mountain range made of hammered copper that's fused to a sterling silver shank. With or without a tiny stone (this one being citrine to mimic the sun setting over the mountains). Can be stamped with your own inspirational phrase. The band is 1/2" wide, making this ring ideal for one of your larger fingers.


A lovely reminder to stay centered, present and grounded. Satellite rings "spin" around a 1/2" base ring but won't fall off. Emits a faint jingle to remind you to come back to yourself. Added bonus: gives restless hands something to do! Made of sterling silver with copper and jewelers brass accents. No two designs are alike! 

Your North Star

One of my favorite activities with clients is to teach them how to identify their North Star Feelings - the three words that convey how you want to feel as much as possible. You will learn to build an entire belief system based off these feelings - including using them to make decisions and identify what you really want. Through a proprietary process, you can identify your own NSF's and then have them stamped on a set of stacking rings to wear as a constant reminder to connect with these powerful feelings. Each ring features one word as well as a sweet little North Star emblem in the back.


We are all connected - to Source, and to each other. This ring was designed to symbolize the connectedness of everyone and everything - a reminder to love, accept, forgive and show compassion...because this is the way to your soul's freedom.

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