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Fine Jewelry Design

Work with me to create your very own heirloom piece of fine jewelry crafted to last lifetimes. Using sophisticated computer models, I can bring your idea to life or create a design based on your input. You're involved in this process every step of the way, including signoff on the final design and approval of a mockup model that will be sent to you prior to final production.

We'll co-create your dream piece using a beautiful and extensive selection of quality precious stones set in your choice of white, rose or yellow gold, or platinum.

I partner with the best jewelry manufacturer in the industry, a family owned company that's been around for over 50 years and is committed to ethical sourcing and environmental sustainability. Choose from natural precious and lab-grown stones, set in the precious metal of your choice...or provide your own stone(s) for your design. I'm excited to offer this service to my clients for a truly next-level piece for your collection.

Let's Get Started

Schedule a complimentary, no-commitment design consultation to bring your vision to life, or borrow mine!

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