Updated: Apr 11

Think back to a time when you believed you could do anything.

When you were fierce, fearless, and not worried about screwing anything up.

Why did you stop believing it?

​​​​​​​When I was a kid, I loved watching syndicated re-runs of the old 60's sitcom Bewitched. It wasn't because of the totally badass but lovably daffy witch Samantha. I was fascinated by the career of her husband, Darrin Stephens. I loved the idea of coming up with ideas that then everyone would see on TV and in magazines and on billboards. And even though I witnessed Darrin frequently being yelled at by his boss and clients, it was all part of the fun in my little kid mind, and I was hooked.

So I manifested that career. I believed my whole life that I was capable and there was no reason I shouldn't do the exact thing I had dreamed of since childhood.

​​​​​​What I also manifested was the part about being yelled at by bosses and clients. Not all bosses and clients, but enough to make it a super stressful job that wasn't anything like what I had envisioned as a little kid. I was crushed.

​​The point I'm making is that all of us, at one time, believed we could do/be/have anything we wanted. We were tenacious and fearless about getting it. We believed we deserved it.

And I'll bet there was a time when you actually got it, and (like me) it turned out to be something that crushed you. And with that crushing went pieces of that inner knowing, that trust in yourself​​ and your dreams, that sense of deserving and confidence that you could achieve it. 

​​What I want you to know is all of that is still within you. It's just that the tough breaks and bad experiences that have come your way also sowed the seeds of doubt, uncertainty, questioning, fear of failure, and a gazillion other things.

This is so normal! It is the human condition. But if I told you it doesn't have to be this way, would you believe me?

I'm living proof that it doesn't have to be this way. But to change it, you have to do some work. This work is simple, but it's not easy. Because your mind, well worn to throw up all the defeatist stories, wants to stop you from doing this work.