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magnetic and powerful LEADERSHIP COMES FROM WITHIN

In today’s constantly changing and increasingly demanding work environment, how can you enable your senior leaders to up-level their game and consistently rally teams to achieve unprecedented results that impact the bottom line (and even win awards)? It’s not going to be from the same-old Leadership Development workshops of the last century.

Leaders often put themselves at the effect of the teams they should be leading. When a leader expresses frustration with team members who aren't accountable, lack motivation, or need constant oversight, in most every case, the change needs to come from the leader to get a different result.

Outdated leadership development programs focus mostly on the tactical skills needed to lead others, virtually ignoring the most fundamental aspect of leadership: The actual energy behind influence, charisma and success. And a leader's energetic resonance is the #1 factor that can radically improve a leader's (and the team's) performance.

certified as a Women Business Enterprise (WBE) by the State of Illinois.

As leaders learn to elevate their influence and charisma through mindset shifts, they become more productive, satisfied and effective. Ego is released. Problems give way to possibilities. Doubt is trumped by confidence. In this cutting-edge workshop, leaders will learn the mindset shifts that will have a dramatic impact on:

  • Employee engagement

  • Employee retention

  • Company-wide stress levels

  • Overall productivity

  • Confidence levels

  • Bottom-line company performance

workshop takeaways

  • The 7 Levels of Magnetic Influence

  • Total awareness of leadership strengths and blind spots

  • How to create optimal conditions to self-regulate and instantly influence others in any situation

  • How to shift from:

    • Delegating to Empowering​

    • Instructing to Inspiring

    • Critiquing to Validating

    • Motivating to Championing

  • How to instantly identify productivity-draining triggers and learn to shift them in the moment 

  • The 8 Dimensions of Conscious leadership and how to more effectively lean into strengths

  • How to master leadership competencies using the Ideal Leader Image tool

  • How to identify personal leadership values that will exponentially increase authenticity and influence

  • How to create a personal leadership mission statement



I loved the session and have multiple takeaways



Made me stop to think about my energy, how I am viewed as a leader, how I want to be viewed as a leader, and how to help influence others' energy


Thank you for  approaching leadership in a wholehearted manner

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