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If I Could Coach Kris Bryant...

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Image Credit: Ezra Shaw / Getty Images


​Tonight, the defending World Champion Chicago Cubs face the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 3 of the National League Championship Series. They are down two games coming into this matchup at Wrigley Field.

You could say they’re in a slump. And with only two more games to lose, their season will end, and the Dodgers will go on to face the American League champions in the World Series.

We could have a rousing debate about why the Cubs are in this slump. Is it their pitching bullpen? Is it the fact that their offense has been anemic? Is it their manager? I’m no baseball expert, and it’s likely a combination of factors, but with a critical Game 3 bearing down on them, I do know that they need to make some adjustments FAST.

Of the many factors that seem to be plaguing the Cubs in the post season, one thing I’ve observed is the reigning National League MVP, Kris Bryant, does not seem himself lately. In fact, this entire season, his RBIs were 28 percent lower than the 2016 season. In the post season, his stats have taken a nose dive versus the regular season as well as the 2016 post season. What’s going on with Kris Bryant?

I think he needs some coaching. If I could coach Kris Bryant, I’d tell him three things:

  1. Your past performance doesn’t dictate your future performance. It’s easy to fall into the assumption that you’ll keep getting the same result because that’s what’s happened in the past two games. Why must it happen again? What can you learn from those past experiences to set yourself up for success this time around? Leave the past in the past.

  2. Think of a period in your career when you completely crushed it. What was your mindset? Were you afraid? How did you manage that fear? Were you fearless? What gave you that confidence? How can you mimic the paces you put yourself through when you were your most successful?

  3. Now, visualize that same success this time around. What will you do? How will you feel when the bat hits the ball? What’s the reaction from the fans, the announcers, your team? Paint a picture in your head, imagine yourself knocking it out of the park (literally), and be very specific about the scene that unfolds after. The richer the image, the more real it will be to you. Keep this in your head when you step up to the plate.

When I coach my own “Kris Bryants,” I use this same approach. If you’ve found yourself in a slump, you can use these tools yourself to create a shift in your mindset, and soon you’ll start to see measurably different results.

Try it! And let me know how it works for you. And if you still feel stuck, set up a free session with me.

Now, go out there and crush it! (And…Let’s Go Cubbies!!!)

Looking forward,


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