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if every day were thanksgiving

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Photo by Simon Maage on Unsplash

What if every day of the year were Thanksgiving?

For one thing, we’d all be a lot heavier. Don’t you think it’s funny that the capstone of a day devoted to gratitude is an overly indulgent meal? Maybe it's how we prove to ourselves that we truly do live abundant lives!

But aside from an epicurean feast, what would it look like if you took some time every single day to reflect on all that you have and express gratitude for it?

It is so easy in life to place our focus on everything that’s going wrong. Everything we don’t or (we tell ourselves) can’t have. Every wrong that’s been done to us. Every person who makes our lives difficult.

We spend so much energy on all of this, that we’re literally unable to see everything that’s actually going right in our lives.

Our working senses - whether we have all five or not.

The relationships we cherish.

The material blessings we have.

The ability to earn a livelihood.

The experiences, giant and tiny, that give us joy.

Our health.

A comfortable place to live.

The life lessons that have shaped who we are.

As we approach the day of the year we Americans dedicate to giving thanks, I wonder how many of us, even on that day, truly stop to reflect on the amazing abundance in our lives.

This isn’t to preach, because it’s just natural to get swept away by the burdens of life. 

It’s just a gentle reminder that life would be a lot less…well…burdensome if we took just a few minutes every day to practice gratitude.

So try it today! Start the day thinking of just three things for which you’re grateful. End the day updating your list. It might still be those same three things. Or you may have updates to the list based on what you experienced that day.

If you practice this daily, it won’t take long for you to notice that you’re just generally happier. You can deal with the barbs life throws at you with a little more ease. And you’ll start to truly feel the abundance of life.

Today, I’m grateful for you.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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