Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Photo by Ian Froome on Unsplash

No matter the challenges any of my clients bring to me, there’s one thing at the root cause of just about all of them.


And I can tell you that all of my own coachable moments spring up from the same thing.


So, needless to say, I study this topic a lot.

Most of the time we think fear doesn’t really affect us because maybe we’re not really reaching for anything that really, truly scares us. But I’m gonna guess you had to face fear in some way today, even if it was just a tiny sliver.

Maybe you delayed responding to that email because you were concerned about being misunderstood.

Maybe you didn’t take that new gym class because it you’d feel silly doing those dance moves.

OK, but those are just table stakes, right? Fear is still at the heart of these hesitations that we face every day. And if we can’t muster up the courage to face down something like this, how could we master something more daunting? Like...

Maybe you didn’t speak up for someone who was bullied at work because you didn’t want to get on that bully’s bad side.

Maybe you didn’t comment on your grieving friend’s Facebook post because you weren’t sure what to say.

Dang. Don’t even get me started on these…

Maybe you aren’t empowering your green but hungry team because you’re worried they’ll fail and put your company or your job at risk.

Maybe you won’t ask for a few extra months of maternity leave because you think they’ll view you as less committed to the job.